Level 10 M Diamond Black


The Level 10 M gaming headset is the next iteration of the Thermaltake collaboration with BMW DesignworksUSA, maintaining the tradition of iconic design found in the products before it. Employing elements of open spaced architecture and geometric modularity, the Level 10 M headset is a beautiful merger of form and function: designed to meet the stringent demands gamers’ have in a headset, without looking out of place for everyday use. The headset comes with a set of PC gaming cables as well as mobile headset cable.

USD $99.99


ALUMINUM BASE Aluminum base employed throughout the frame, offering benefits of superior durability, heat dissipation, and ergonomics by keeping the headset lightweight (at under 300 grams)
BI-LATERAL USB CONNECTIVITY The removable headphone cable can be connected from either the left or right earcup, offering flexibility to better complement each users’ setup.
SLEEK NOISE-CANCELING MICROPHONE Noise-canceling microphone blends into styling of the frame when not in use. When needed moves in a mic-axis design; it can be lowered vertically and then adjusted horizontally to the right position.
ADJUSTABLE, LOCKING HEADBAND Adjustable headband can also be locked into position once the right size has been set. Users no longer have to worry about the sizing moving out of place as they take the headphone off/on.






Diamond Black


3.5mm plug (Connect PC)
Mini USB 8pin (Connect Headset)



Driver Unit (mm)

40mm Neodymium Magnet



Frequency Response

10Hz ~ 22 KHz



Cable Length

3.0 meters

3.5 mm Gold Plug


Plug&Play Microphone


External In-Line Controller


Mic Directivity


Mic Noise Cancelling


Mic Sensitivity

-35 ± 3dB

Mic Frequency

300Hz ~ 10 KHz

Mic Impedance

2.2k ohm


Carry Bag x 1
1 Meter Mobile Device Cable x 1


File name: Release Date: Notice:
Level 10 M Headset EDM 2015/03/23 Level 10 M Headset EDM
LEVEL 10 M Headset_QIG 2013/09/12 quick installation guide

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LEVEL 10 M Diamond Black

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