BLACK FP Gaming Mouse with Fingerprint Security

BLACK FP Gaming Mouse with Fingerprint Security

Win 7,8,10 Software and Win 10 Security Center Installation Guide

Installing the software

- BLACK FP Software
- Windows login for Win 7, 8, 10

1. Visit the product page and download the latest Command Center software.
2. Follow the onscreen prompt to complete installation.
3. Restart you PC.
4. From the system tray, select the Tt eSPORTS Command Center icon to enter software.

Registering your fingerprint:

*It is recommended that you register your fingerprint using the Command Center so6ware first

Installing the Security Center for Windows 8.1 & 10

- Windows 8.1 & 10 login
- Website login
- File and folder encryption

Registering Website Credentials in Security Center

Instantly open your browser and automatically log on to your password-protected website accounts by registering the website accounts and credentials in the Security Center. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

Registering a website creates an icon that represents the website account you are registering in Security Center. Registering a website account also securely stores the website name, web address, username, password, and other applicable information associated with the website account in Security Center.

Note: Passwords containing the ”+“ symbol may not be saved using Security Center.

Deleting your Security Center

Follow these steps to remove the Security Center:


Make sure that you know your Windows User Account password before deleting your Security Center. Once the Security Center is deleted, Windows requires your Windows User Account password to unlock the computer. deleting your Security Center also deletes your Security Center Settings, registered websites, and website account logon information.

1. Click the Security Center icon in the desktop taskbar, then log on using your PIN, password, or fingerprint.
2. Click the My Settings icon to open the My Settings screen, and then click Delete.
3. Click Confirm

Your Security Center is now deleted. You can set up a new Security Center by following the steps in Setting up Security Center.

File and Folder Encryption

Accessing Encrypted Files & Folder

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