The VERTO headset offers strong styling paired with comfort. The head band design is auto adjusting to get the right sizing for anyone who wears it, and protein leather ear pads maintain comfort even over long hours of use. The bold geometric design is strong enough for gaming yet sophisticated enough for in-office use.

USD $79.99



‘sound design’
The physical aspect of the headphone was designed to maximize form and function. The dual headband design lends an elegant feel and the auto-adjusting feature provides a hassle free perfect fit that conforms very well to the user’s head. The stainless steel outer headband frame provides the rigidity to hold the headphone in place on the wearer’s head, and has been adjusted to provide an optimal angle so that the top and bottom of the ear cup uniformly rest on the wearer’s head. The ear cups swivel, to allow for the best fit vertically of the ear cups against the head. Protein leather ear pads offer a soft to touch comfort.

These functional aspects for ergonomics that allow the ear cups to rest optimally on the wearer’s head bundled with the use of protein leather ear pads in turn offer the VERTO great noise isolation characteristics; blocking out much of outside noise and allowing the user to focus on the game in front of them. The VERTO’s audio signature has been tuned to offer a balanced sound, with some bass definition – but Tt eSPORTS was careful not to let that turn into bass bloat, thereby avoiding a common mistake of boosting bass at the loss of detail when the bass bleeds into the mid-range. This balance allows the gamer to hear the most of their game for the best in-game immersion and increases their in-game awareness. A VERSATILE MICROPHONE The bendable and pivotable microphone allows for easy access to the mic for voice communications within the games or over your favorite voice-over-IP software. The omni-directional microphone is great for picking up your voice, without needing to be placed right in front of the mouth; thereby avoiding the common issue of having your teammates hear your breathing sounds.

The build quality is superb made of 80% metal, the large ear cups are very comfortable even after hours of prolonged use.

…the audio was better than that of any other headset I have used to date. I could hear the footsteps and weapon reports from much farther away than usual and could hear them getting closer and louder.


The headset provides a good balanced sound but with that touch of bass to bring out the most while gaming.


Auto-adjusting headband design to give just the right fit every time you wear the headset. Leatherette padding adheres to the natural shape of the user, while stainless steel outer frame provides rigidity to hold the headphone in place.
FOLD FLAT DESIGN The VERTO’s ear cups can swivel to fold flat for convenient transport with the included carrying bag. The design also helps to conform the ear cups to provide the right fit & seal for each user.
REMOVABLE CABLE FUNCTIONALITY The VERTO with its removable cable design is PC & mobile ready, via included 3.5mm PC gaming cable and 4pin 3.5mm mobile cable. The VERTO is also less prone to accidents occurring from cable snags, because the the cable can detach.






Diamond Black


3.5mm plug

Driver Unit (mm)

40mm Neodymium Magnet



Frequency Response

10Hz ~ 22 KHz



Cable Length

3.0 meters

3.5 mm Gold Plug


Plug&Play Microphone


External In-Line Controller


Mic Directivity


Mic Noise Cancelling


Mic Sensitivity

-35 ± 3dB

Mic Frequency

300Hz ~ 10 KHz

Mic Impedance

2.2k ohm


Carry Bag x 1
1 Meter Mobile Device Cable x 1

Review & Award

moda'a'foca “Gold and Recommended” Award

bbc hardware – recommended silver award

NikKTech – Platinum Award

Back2Gaming “Recommended” Award

Tt eSPORTS Verto Headset Review

Tweaktown – Best Value Award

HardwareInside – Silver Award (German)

Tt eSPORTS Verto Headset

ProClockers – Highly recommended award

Ocaholic – 4.5/5 score – VERTO review

Gamezoom – Gold Award

HardwareHeaven – Recommended Award

Ocaholic - 4.5/5 Stars

Gamezoom - Gold Award (German)

ThinkComputers – 10/10 score - Verto Review

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