How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair

How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Selecting the right ergonomic gaming chair goes a long way in improving gaming performance, comfort and long-term health. When selecting the best ergonomic gaming chair, it is of vital importance to select one that conforms correctly to the contours of your body and provides all the necessary adjustment options. It is also important to note that not all chairs labeled “ergonomic” actually have all the required adjustments to be considered a true ergonomic chair. The Tt eSPORTS GT FIT & COMFORT and X FIT & COMFORT Series on the other hand, does.

This guide will help you understand the features required for a true ergonomic gaming chair and why our chairs provide users with all the necessary adjustment capabilities for optimal gaming performance, enhanced comfort and long-term health benefits.


Adjust seat with knees slightly lower than hips

Correct adjustment will leave around a two-finger gap between seat and back of knee.

Z-Support Multi-Function Tilt Mechanism

The GT FIT & COMFORT series and X FIT & COMFORT series offers a wide range of adjustability such as: back angle, tilt lock, rocking and center tilt options for an infinite amount of positions to suit user needs and requirements. Chairs that do not offer these options or only some cannot be considered truly ergonomic.


Four directional armrest movement options for height, front/back and side-to-side adjustment for maximum flexibility and convenience. The FIT and COMFORT armrests are at thigh height during the lowest point as to ensure no interference with elbow movement during gameplay.

5 Star Aluminum Base with Large 3” Casters

The FIT and COMFORT uses a 5-star aluminum base with internal structured design for maximum stability. Chairs using a 4-star base tend to be less stable and are more prone to tipping over when reclining. Additionally, chairs using a nylon base are also less durable and not as reliable than aluminum bases. The use of large 3” wheels for the FIT & COMFORT series gaming chairs provide utmost stability, quieter operation and free glide across the majority of surfaces compared to chairs with smaller wheels.

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