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Tt eSPORTS - Thermaltake Tt Apollos at Wayi Carnival 2011
Tt eSPORTS - Wayi Carnival 2011 in Taiwan

Last weekend, Tt eSPORTS joined 2011 Wayi Carnival in Taipei, Taiwan. Hosted and executed by Wayi Entertainment, this event was a series of gaming tournaments. The event was at National Taiwan University Sports Center, attracted Intel and ENVISION Television to participate, and with food and drinks available around the stadium people seemed to stick around for the whole weekend!

Despite the typhoon weather in Taiwan, visitors and gaming fans came to show their supports for professional e-sports!

In this 2011 Wayi Carnival, Tt eSPORTS sponsored CHALLENGER PRO keyboard, mouse BLACK, and headset SHOCK SPIN the Shining White edition! Both teams were equipped with these gaming products in their competitions!

Besides Tt Apollos' invitation to compete in Special Forces, Tt eSPORTS also had the chance to reveal Tt eSPORTS' latest gaming gadgets and equipments to the gaming fans, demonstrated by our beautiful Tt girls! They really captured this Carnival's attentions!! Tt Show Girls seem to have been the focus and highlights for fans to photograph and approached for signatures.

The competitions were between, Tt Apollos, Wayi Spiders, and 2 international gaming teams from Japan and South Korea. Japan’s UHS Athlete Team and South Korea’s IT Bank Team showed great interests in Taiwan's gaming environment and skills, that both Wayi Spiders and Thermaltake Apollos challenged them on the game Special Forces!!

Tt Apollos Special Force Team - Really got their game going against UHS Athlete from Japan!

Tt Apollos / UHS Athlete

Later in the afternoon Thermaltake Apollos competed against Wayi Spiders in the game Special Forces. Professional gaming teams from Japan and South Korea were also invited to participate and to compete both against Thermaltake Apollos and Wayi Spiders, presenting a whole new strategic gaming style to the fans.

There was a lot of fun and cheerful moments. When Tt Apollos played against the famous IT Bank from South Korean, the real adrenaline-heightened moment arrived! IT Bank is well known for their aggressive and highly strategic team formation and accurate aiming, and the audience seemed aware of their reputation! The air was still, the anxious crowd waited for the results, as both teams refused to surrender until the last moment. Team that reached the first 5 wins was the winner, and the competition continued for whole 9 games to end! Tt Apollos won, 5-4, to IT Bank from South Korea!! What a nerve-wrecking game! The Carnival later ended with entertaining concert and performance by Taiwanese popular artists and celebrities, and fans were exhausted with the events and the games! What an extraordinary way to party in the weekend!


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