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Tt eSPORTS "MEKA G-UNIT" Debut Release - Where Innovation and Mechanical Engineering Joined as One!

Taipei, TW. – August 31st, 2011 – Tt eSPORTS is proudly announcing the debut release of most integrated pro-gaming keyboard “MEKA G-Unit”, created and designed specifically for e-sports gamers and tournaments. Since MEKA G1’s release last year in 2010, Tt eSPORTS has been continuously dedicating in research and creativity, and the fundamental DNA of innovation and value-adding are presented for gamers to explore with MEKA G-Unit.

The legacy of MEKA G1 is now inherited by MEKA G-UNIT, with Tt eSPORTS’ modern mechanical engineering, and is highly approved and recommended by White-Ra and Softball of Taiwan. G1 has been successful in bringing White-Ra and Softball not just their winning titles, but their reputation as true warriors in e-sports Star Craft II. It’s their first choice; more specifically, it’s their only choice, by the best in the league.

MEKA G-Unit has been critically tested, enduring countless in-lab examinations and major tournaments on the road with Tt Apollos players. White-Ra  carried MEKA series G1 made him an icon in e-sports, examplified himself an unimaginable standard for peers to look up to and unreachable. His popularity, his humble reaction after opponent’s GG, and his charm as the Champ of HomeStore Cup in Europe, January 2011, was a pure testament when a state-of-the-art machine joins human’s intellects. His faith in MEKA series keyboard in return heightens Tt eSPORTS’ dedication to research and develop MEKA G-Unit. White-Ra’s achievement IGN Pro League Season 2 says nothing more than his unquestionable status as the King of Star Craft II.

Tt eSPORTS is proud to become the designated choice for keyboards in tournaments around the world, and with Taiwan’s Softball player his choice is also MEKA G1, and shall soon be G-Unit because of its uncompromising quality and Softball’s belief in G-Unit’s magnificent performance such as 1,000 Hz Polling Rate and ISS (Instant Shift System) technology. Softball is participating global tournaments from NASL in September 2011, to S. Korea’s IeSF and Blizzcon in October 2011, with his only weapon, MEKA series keyboard. G-Unit’s on-board memory 64kb allows him to travel with his setting preferences; wherever he goes, the settings follow. Softball can also practice his furious Terran with MEKA G-Unit, whether he wishes to plug in headset or to detach Gold-Plated USB Cable when travelling, G-Unit’s got it all.

The MEKA G-Unit features the infamous CHERRY Black Switch which is designed to endure for over 50million keystrokes, a perfect design for White-Ra and Softball’s lightening fast keystrokes. Every single keystroke is always registered to make sure you are never left behind! MEKA G-Unit acts as an extended brain that does exactly what you demand for, nothing more!

MEKA G-Unit is not all about mechanical; it’s got humanity as well. On-board memory truly relieves gamers’ anxiety when joining LAN Party or sort, and the possibility when keystroke command is not responding as rapid as the finger wishes for, G-Unit’s 1,000 Hz: checked! 60 Macro Keys per profile (up to 3 profiles) and ISS technology ensures gamers’ 100% concentration with no needs to memorize the combinations. Further, MEKA G-Unit understands the importance of realistic gaming atmosphere to gamers; hence back-light illumination and Tt logo in red accompany gamers all the way to victory.

MEKA G-UNIT is a mechanical engineered keyboard that gamers can appreciate. It has been too long for a keyboard that truly understands what gaming is about. White-Ra and Softball of Taiwan have accomplished their titles with MEKA series G1, it is a matter of time for their upcoming wins with MEKA G-Unit.

Gaming, will never be the same, with Tt eSPORTS MEKA G-Unit.

Interface: USB
Operating Systems: Windows 7/Vista/XP & MAC OS
Multimedia Keys: 7
USB 2.0 Port: X2
Mic. in & SP-out Jacks

On-Board Memory: 64kb

Switch Brand: CHERRY Black Switch
Switch Lifecycle: 50 Million
Cable Length: 1.8m braided cable with gold-plated USB connector

Tt eSPORTS "MEKA G-UNIT" Debut Release - Where Innovation and Mechanical Engineering Joined as One!

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