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Taipei, Taiwan – June 4, 2013 – Building on the success of producing products with exceptional creativity and functionality, Thermaltake Group through its wholly-owned three brands - Thermaltake, Tt eSPORTS, LUXA2 and its e-Sports Team Tt APOLLOS offer complete solutions that enable continuous innovation for today’s e-Sports, professional gaming gear, PC DIY solutions and digital entertainment. Today, Thermaltake Group announced significant momentum with the commercial launch at COMPUTEX Taipei 2013 of the Level 10 M Gaming Headset with BMW DesignworksUSA during 4th to 8th of June in TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall (4th floor, booth number M620).



At the opening ceremony on 4th of June at the COMPUTEX Taipei 2013, Mr. Kenny Lin, CEO & Chairman of the Thermaltake Group unboxed the world masterpiece-“Level 10 M Headset” with Creative Director of BMW DesignworksUSA, Olivier Molody, introducing this esthetical masterpiece to Asia. Tt eSPORTS, the division of Thermaltake Group is also entering a new era of gaming peripherals with the “Level 10 M Headset” by its stylistically and technologically advanced aesthetic design.


CEO & Chairman of the Thermaltake Group, Mr. Kenny Lin, Creative Director of BMW DesignworksUSA, Olivier Molody, White-Ra and Tt APOLLOS e-Sports Team


Mr. Kenny Lin, CEO & Chairman of the Thermaltake Group unveiled the world masterpiece“Level 10 M Headset” with Creative Director of BMW DesignworksUSA, Olivier Molody


Also celebrating world premieres, are the new Thermaltake Urban and Chaser case series, the Water3.0 all-in-one Liquid Cooling Series, NiC Air Cooling Series, NB cooler series and Toughpower Grand Digital power series. A further show highlight from Tt eSPORTS is the new pro-gaming headset CRONOS, pro-gaming DRACCO Captain and SYBARIS. For gaming keyboards, POSEIDON and MEKA G1 Prime Edition definitely bring undefeatable E-Sports soul. Other stars at COMPUTEX Taipei 2013 are LUXA2’s power bank series, the world premier of the X-Cube Bluetooth Speaker with the latest WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) Charging Station, and also iPad mini accessories. This full lineup of products represent Thermaltake Group’s innovative spirit.


The vanguard of gaming peripheralsworld top-class Level 10 M Headset

Ever since Thermaltake created the Level 10 Legend with BMW DesignworksUSA in 2009, its avant-garde design concept and revolutionary functionality have spread around the world. From the first project, the full-tower gaming computer chassis the “Level 10 chassis” to the second design collaboration the “Level 10 M Mouse”, the similar visual language and aesthetical tradition maintain the design concept. Level 10 focuses on building the personal development between the products and the user and elevates the emotional attachment via Level 10. The third generation of Level 10-the “Level 10 M Headset”, inherits the expressive design spirit, with outstanding acoustic engineering as the frequency and the pitch of the sound driver are tuned specifically to meet most game genres’ environment, ensuring the gamers receive the most immersive, rich acoustic experience.



The New Level 10 M Headset – the elements of the open spaced architecture and geometric modularity are seamlessly extended to the headset without compromising its ergonomics and comfort. The choice of every detail and material is meticulously considered and refined. To meet the perfect balance between the aluminum headband’s weight and the headset’s durability, the Level 10 M Headset weighs less than 300 grams but maintains a robustness as resilient as its appearance. Unorthodox design works to expose and reveal internal design structures and built with amazing non-distorted sound quality and a Axis-Movement microphone, Tt eSPORTS is proud to share its outstanding headset engineering skills with the Level 10 M Headset. The Level 10 M Headset is created with outstanding acoustic engineering as the frequency and the pitch of the sound driver are tuned specifically to meet most game genres’ environment, ensuring the gamers to receive the most immersive, rich acoustic experience. Available in both black and white color options, the award-winning Level 10 design style - the Level 10 M Headset is scheduled to launch in the next half year of 2013.



Thermaltake presents Spectacular Stage Programs

In addition to product unveiling and showcasing, there will be exciting show matches on the stage during COMPUTEX Taipei 2013. Famous e-Sports players Aleksey “White-Ra” Krupnyk and Barbie Prime from Korean PRIME Team, Tt APOLLOS and Gamabear e-Sports Team will electrify the event with exhibition matches and other activities to share the fun with everyone!


For more information on Thermaltake Group and the Level 10 M Gaming Headset please visit the Thermaltake booth at COMPUTEX 2013  (Nangang Exbition Hall, 4th floor, Booth #M620) or visit


Highlight products of Thermaltake brands:



● PC Chassis: elegant sophisticated “Urban” and Gaming “Chaser” series chassis

● PC Cooler: Water 3.0 Cooling system, NiC Cooling Series and NB Cooler series

● PC Power: high-end Toughpower Grand Digital, Toughpower XT Digital and Toughpower Grand



PC Chassis


《Urban Series》

In the Urban Series, based on an elegant and stylish design concept, Thermaltake will demonstrate cases from mid-tower to full-tower enclosures that epitomize silence, cooling and sophistication. This advanced series are equipped with features that will maximize your PC experience, from a quiet computing panel, fan controllers, USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports, even sound absorbing foam mats to offer interior silence. Ideally able to maintain low temperatures in the system and keep noise to a minimum and certainly a trendy decoration to enrich living quality as well. Furthermore, the new sub groups within Urban family, B Series (windowed) and C Series (no-window) will be showcased with their first exposure as well.


《Chaser Series》

Thermaltake Chaser Series builds on a fascinating gaming designin perspective. The new Chaser Series contain features exclusively desired by gamers and enthusiasts, including Superspeed USB 3.0 front ports, a transparent side panel window, 4 drive bays with easy one finger push and pull installation and tool-free HDD trays. Various installing slots for fan mounting offer a variety of different possibilities to create a unique cooling design that matches the individual requirements of ambitioned users and their hardware.




《Water 3.0 Series》

The Water 3.0 Series is Thermaltake’s latest, incredibly compact liquid cooling kit that aims to bring water cooling to the masses. It fits in virtually most cases, is compatible with every available Intel and AMD platform, and as easy to install as a heatsink. It comes factory filled, sealed and tested with a zero maintenance guarantee. Thanks to a set of 120mm fans it can operate silently or unleash a powerful cooling storm at the user’s command.


《NiC Series》

Thermaltake introduces to the world the all new CPU air cooler - NiC Series. The slim tower side flow design efficiently optimizes cooling performance and allows the full compatibility with RAM of all kinds, and therefore users are free to fill their RAM slots with high-end overclocked RAM. The integrated module for the 120mm VR Fans with single VR control knob enables users to adjust fan speed more conveniently. NiC Series also come tool-free design for fan removal and installation with ease, giving enthusiasts the excellence of performance, compatibility and silence.   


《Massive TM》

New Thermaltake Massive TM NB Cooler, thin and light, slim and revolutionary development, designed with a aluminum panel with dual 14 cm fans to suit user’s preference in accordance with the laptop size or various heat generated points to create the best thermal performance. The first on the market NB cooler with temperature display panel to monitor the temperature of the laptop anytime. Suitable for laptop sizes 17-inch and below.


Power Supply Unit


《Toughpower DPS》

A new approach on high end PSU from Thermaltake, Toughpower DPS series is available from 750W, 850W to 1050W with 80 Plus Gold certified. It enables user to turn the desktop into an intelligent power control center quickly and easily. Monitoring the PSU’s real time performance, voltage and temperature, or calculate power consumption instantly at any time. The application also enables users to share results with friends by sending reports via e-mail or through other social network applications. Digital Power is more than a breakthrough and milestone in the industry.



《Toughpower XT DPS》

Thermaltake the first Toughpower XT DPS PSU is a fully modular series feature 850, 750 and 1050 watts with 80 Plus Gold certification guaranteed to deliver up to 93% efficiency. It has an unparalleled aesthetic exterior design to make an advanced improvement among other PSUs currently available on the market. The fully modular cabling design allows use of cables users need resulting in improved optimal airflow and reduced system cutter. With the innovation on digital monitoring control through wireless connection, the digital power supply enables users to do real-time performance monitor/control and save records to view the detailed data anytime.


《Toughpower Grand》

The Toughpower Grand Series full modular PSU comes with a classy black finish to make a clear statement through sheer appearance. The proprietary 14cm dual-ball-bearing flower-shaped fan provides optimized ventilation for the inside components of the Tougherpower Grand unit. Being 80 PLUS Gold certified users don’t just get a guaranteed eco-friendly PSU with more than 90% efficiency. By virtue of their high-efficiency, the Toughpower Grand 650W, 750W and 850W models are ideally suited for high-end gaming and enthusiast PCs powering multi-core processors in combination with multi-GPU setups.


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● Gaming Headset: world premier of Level 10 M headset, the pinnacle of world-class high technology and revolutionary design ideas; pro-gaming DRACCO Captain, SYBARIS, and CRONOS

● Gaming Mouse: VOLOS moba/mmo mouse, THERON Infrared, and SAPHIRA with a wider range of color choice options

● Gaming Keyboard: POSEIDON and MEKA G1 Prime Edition mechanical gaming keyboards



Tt eSPORTS, the leading expert in professional e-Sports gaming peripherals, proudly launches the Level 10 M Headset, designed in collaboration with BMW Designworks USA. The Level 10 M Headset was designed to meet the rigorous demands of gamers, from the ergonomics to the sound and features, the headset was designed to take no compromises in any of those areas.


Further strengthening Tt eSPORTS new product presence at COMPUTEX Taipei 2013 will have a full arsenal of gaming peripherals out for show- with the new gaming keyboards, headsets, and mice including POSEIDON and MEKA G1 Prime Edition mechanical gaming keyboards; DRACCO Captain, SYBARIS, and CRONOS Headsets; and the VOLOS moba/mmo mouse, THERON Infrared, and SAPHIRA in new colors.


Tt eSPORTS official website:

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● Portable power solution: P2 11,000mAh Ultra Capacity Power Bank, P3 2500mAh Power Bank with Snap-on Case for iPhone 5 and TX – P1 5000mAh Portable PowerPad

● Bluetooth audio series: BT-400 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones and X-Cube Bluetooth Speaker with WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) Charging Station

● iPad mini accessories: MiniCinema iPad Mini Leather Case and Zip-around iPad mini Stand Case with Bluetooth Keyboard



Bluetooth audio solution


《BT-400 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones》

BT-400 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones are great addition to our audio solution lineup, the headphones are Bluetooh 4.0 compliant and NFC (Near Field Communication) ready. The headphones are perfect to be used with iPod, iPhone, Android phones and other smart mobile devices for unbeatable sound quality and audio experience. The combination of precision sounds and excellent performance makes BT-400 perfect for mobile phone users who want crystal clear in-call voice quality and enjoyable music listening experience with wireless connectivity.


《X-Cube Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging Station》

Excellent sound & sleek design – X-Cube is designed with a modern appeal and easy portability. It is built to provide an excellent listening experience for music lovers with crisp and clear audio output.  Simply connect to the X-Cube and fill the room with rich 2.1 stereo quality sound! Built-in NFC (Near field communication) technology lets you easily connect to the latest NFC-enabled phones, MP3 players, and tablets via Bluetooth 4.0. Use the speaker as a conference call center with its call controls and an onboard mic to take phone calls while your phone is paired. X-Cube Bluetooth Speaker utilizes the latest WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) technology for a true wireless charging experience. The WPC power station has a built in 4000mAh power bank so you can bring the charging station and the X-Cube Bluetooth Speaker anywhere you go to stream music, conference call and more!


Power solution


《P2 11,000mAh Ultra Capacity Power Bank》

LUXA2’s P2 11,000mAh Ultra Capacity Power Bank is designed to deliver a portable power solution for heavy power users who are always on-the-go. With a 11,000mAh power capacity, it is an ultra powerful external power source available for any mobile device on the market. LUXA2’s P2 11,000mAh Ultra Capacity Power Bank is expertly engineered to provide high output charging in a very compact design.  It is also compatible with most USB devices on the market, including the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


《P3 2500mAh Power Bank with Snap-on Case for iPhone 5》

This ultra lightweight, minimally designed 2500mAh power bank gives your iPhone 5 one full charge and about 20% for the next charge. Power bank comes with a detachable snap-on iPhone 5 case, so you can easy carry your battery and phone with you. USB output allows you to charge any mobile devices that are powered by USB. In addition, the power bank has over-Charge, over-current and short circuit protection.


《TX – P1 5000mAh Portable PowerPad》

Enjoy the ultimate wireless convenience on-the-go with TX-P1 5000mAh Portable PowerPad.  TX-P1 is a stylish charging hub with built-in 5000mAh power bank. This hug provides wireless power to any Qi compatible smart phones, tablets or portable backup battery. Perfect for outdoor wireless charging experience.

iPad mini accessories


《MiniCinema iPad Mini Leather Case》     

Transform your iPad mini into the best in-car entertainment system with LUXA2 MiniCinema iPad mini case. The case has precise cutouts for easy access to all controls. The adjustable strap on the back of the case securely wraps around your car seat’s headrest to be perfectly positioned for passengers to watch video, play games and more.


《Zip-around iPad mini Stand Case with Bluetooth Keyboard》

Detachable Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard is conveniently stored in a folio style iPad mini protective stand case with zip-around closure. The soft touch and splash proof nylon and leather trimmed case is sturdy and stylish. It is the perfect case for all-around protection with Bluetooth connectivity.


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A division of Thermaltake Gaming, Tt eSPORTS is a major driving force in inspiring, challenging, and taking eSports to new heights in the professional gaming industry. We do this through research, innovation and developing superior quality products from the ground up. Pro’s trust our gear because we equip them with everything they need to dominate in the lobby.