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Taipei, Taiwan – June 3, 2014 Thermaltake Group adheres to the spirit of unique innovation, leading its three brands of computer DIY expertise Thermaltake, gaming accessory expert Tt eSPORTS, and mobile accessory innovator LUXA2 and its e-Sports Team Tt APOLLOS to create a new era of avant-garde technology at COMPUTEX Taipei 2014! Thermaltake Group grandly introduces the world premiere of its centerpiece “One Thermaltake Gaming Solution” and making its debut at COMPUTEX 2014 alongside the One Thermaltake is the new quantified self technology in the Tt eSPORTS line-up : the new quantified self “THERON Plus Smart Mouse” with a whole line up of new featured products highlighting popular trends during 3rd to 7th of June in TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall (4th floor, booth number M620). Thermaltake Group also celebrates the victory of receiving two significant honors of COMPUTEX – “COMPUTEX d&i Awards 2014” and “Best Choice Award” together with 6 superior products!

Mr. Kenny Lin, CEO & Chairman of Thermaltake Group unveil“One Thermaltake Gaming Solution”to the world!


Mr. Kenny Lin, CEO & Chairman of Thermaltake Group and e-Sports Team Tt APOLLOS introduce the new quantified self Tt eSPORTS“THERON Plus Smart Mouse”



● COMPUTEX d&i Awards 2014:

Thermaltake Satellite Notebook Cooler and Toughpower DPS digitally- controlled power supply

Tt eSPORTS SYBARIS Hybrid wired/wireless Headset, VERTO Gaming Headset and Level 10 M Hybrid Mouse. The Level 10 M Hybrid Mouse, with breathtaking design and ultimate creation, also wins the biggest honor from “COMPUTEX d&i gold award”!

●  Best Choice Award 2014 : Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Hybrid Mouse and Level 10 M Gaming Headset, collaboration with BMW DesignworksUSA


Thermaltake wins its 7th COMPUTEX d&i Awards 2014!


Thermaltake Group celebrates the victory of receiving “Best Choice Award” together with Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Hybrid Mouse and Level 10 M Gaming H


At the opening ceremony on 3rd of June at COMPUTEX Taipei 2014, Mr. Kenny Lin, CEO & Chairman of Thermaltake Group unveil two annual masterpiece-“One Thermaltake Gaming Solution” alone with its three brands, and the unprecedented new THERON Plus Smart Mouse with exclusive Tt eSPORTS Plus mobile software with the quantified self technology together and Tt eSPORTS Plus online community to the world!


Speaking at the opening ceremony to announce the launch of two premieres, the Chairman and CEO of Thermaltake Group Mr. Kenny Lin said: “We are continuing to accelerate our rate of innovation. Thermaltake aims to fulfill the corporate mission of ‘delivering the perfect user experience’ with innovative sprit since 1999. This year, to celebrate our 15th Year of Excellence, One Thermaltake Gaming Solution, a perfect total gaming solution from PC DIY, gaming gear to power stations and audio solutions originated from Thermaltake Group has born. As PC DIY enthusiasts and market leaders, Thermaltake, Tt eSPORTS and LUXA2 will continue to uphold our passion for new ideas and challenge the limits! At the same time, to show our premium e-Sports heart, Tt eSPORTS release the breakthrough innovation, the new THERON Plus Smart Mouse with exclusive Tt eSPORTS Plus mobile software with the quantified self technology and it comes to the market in August 2014. It’s truly a new flag for our e-Sports and entertainment culture and a fresh invention for worldwide gamers!”


More world premieres are showcased at the COMPUTEX Taipei 2014: the new Thermaltake Core Chassis series, Level 10 Titanium Limited Edition, Frio Silent Series, the Thermaltake performance brand also continues to push forward with its product offensive: DIY Liquid-cooling components(Radiator, Waterblock, Reservoir), Water 3.0 Ultimate liquid cooling system, Toughpower DPS 1250W Platinum PSU, Toughpower DPS G 450W-1050W Gold PSU, and BlacX Urban WI-FI Docking Station. High-end gaming gear from Tt eSPORTS are POSEIDON ZX, POSEIDON Z Forged, CHALLENGER Go and CHALLENGER PRIME gaming keyboard; the new Ventus and TALON gaming mouse; CRONOS GO, CRONOS AD, VERTO, SHOCK 3D 7.1 USB and ISURUS Edge gaming headset; and Dota2 super-team Team DK Collection. Bright spots on LUXA2 go to TX-MEGA and P-MEGA Power Station, Groovy Duo and GroovyW Bluetooth audio solution and the new H5-Note Car Mount.


One Thermaltake Gaming Solution

Pure Performance. Built for Enthusiasts by Enthusiasts.

“One Thermaltake Gaming Solution” includes a series of top-class products from Thermaltake Group’s three brands–Thermaltake, Tt eSPORTS and LUXA2. Consist of Thermaltake Core V71 Full-Tower Chassis, DIY Liquid Cooling System, Luna 12 LED High Airflow PC Case Fan, Toughpower Grand 850W Power Supply, BlacX Urban WI-FI Docking Station; Tt eSPORTS Ventus Gaming Mouse, Poseidon Z Forged Gaming Keyboard, VERTO Gaming Headset, Draconem Aluminum mouse pad and LUXA2 GroovyDuo Live Wireless Speakers, E-One Aluminum Headset Holder, P-MEGA41,600mAh charging station, “One Thermaltake Gaming Solution” represents cultural brand of Thermaltake for the enjoyment of entertainment, e-Sports, technology and lifestyle.


Thermaltake Group grandly introduces the world premiere of its centerpiece “One Thermaltake Gaming Solution” _1


Thermaltake Group grandly introduces the world premiere of its centerpiece “One Thermaltake Gaming Solution” _2


Tt eSPORTS THERON Plus Smart Mouse with e-Sports App software

The quantified self wearable tech trend introduced to the realm of eSports

Tt eSPORTS’ “THERON Plus Smart Mouse” is also in pole position in terms of performance, it brings the quantified self wearable tech trend to gaming. As activity trackers in wrist bands and smart watches have integrated into normal everyday life, technology has immersed itself to another level in furthering human interaction via gamification and lifelogging via wearable computing. Tt eSPORTS decided to bring this type of technology to gaming.


The THERON Plus Smart Mouse operates like the regular THERON laser mouse in use, this time with a 8200 DPI laser sensor. The THERON Plus Smart Mouse has Bluetooth technology inside, dedicated to report stats to your mobile device paired with our Tt eSPORTS Plus mobile application. The Tt eSPORTS+ application will track mouse clicks, distance traveled, and lift offs over time. The stats can be shared and saved to the cloud in the Tt eSPORTS+ community website. Users can review the stats to get more in-depth understanding of their game. The Tt eSPORTS Plus community website is designed to further encourage participation by providing challenges and games based on mouse usage for community members. Members can see how they and their friends are doing, as well as compete against each other; similar to many popular fitness wearable tech and applications out there.



For more information on Thermaltake Group, One Thermaltake Gaming Solution and the Tt eSPORTS THERON Plus Smart Mouse please visit Thermaltake Group booth at COMPUTEX 2014 (Nangang Exhibition Hall, 4th floor, Booth #M620) or visit for further information.


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