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Taipei, Taiwan – June 4, 2015 Tt eSPORTS, the energetic and powerful challenger reveals four AERODYNAMIC designed mice : Level 10 Gaming Mouse, Level 10 M Hybrid Wireless Gaming Mouse, VENTUS Gaming Mouse and VENTUS X Gaming Mouse, inspired by the  attention of gamers towards top performance, their exquisite taste and appreciation for the aesthetics! With ergonomic solutions increasing the usage comfort as well as the functionality, these aspects are strengthened by Thermaltake’s competitive knowledge regarding aerodynamic concept! For more information on the AERODYNAMIC concept, please visit:

Aerodynamically Engineered

Integrated with Tt eSPORTS’ Level 10 M Series ventilation concept, VENTUS’s aerodynamically honeycomb designed mouse with breathability to keep your hand cool, allow you to manage the airflow while using the mouse and increase the flexibility of moving. This concept enhances expressively more ventilation as it will help ease sweaty palms throughout intense gameplay, let your hand cool, increasing your comfort and allow you to bring your performance to a new level. The maximum ventilation is ultimately required for keeping gamers cool. Due to the longer gaming time, aerodynamic gives advantage as it could influence your ability to compete over the long period! 


Aerodynamic Concept

Thermaltake’s aerodynamic concept made possible the sandwich design of the top and lower part creating a hollow, open structure that lets the light, the air as well as the surrounding travel through the product almost creating the feeling of a 4th dimension. Additionally the Mouse is fitted with exquisite texture - a perforated surface which provides for a better air and temperature exchange as a means of passive ventilation, solving issues due to heavy use and direct touch of gaming equipment and the rise of temperatures of the hand!



Aerodynamic Series

Level 10 M Gaming Mouse

The Level 10 M gaming mouse maintains the design aesthetic of the Level 10 projects, displaying elements of open spaced architecture and geometric modularity, as well as a 3D-Steering Axis system allows you to customize the angle at which the Level 10 M mouse sits in the palm of your hand!

The Level 10 M gaming mouse with a suggested price of USD59.99. For more information on the Level 10 M gaming mouse, please visit:

Level 10 M Hybrid Wireless Gaming Mouse

The M Hybrid Mouse can function as a wired mouse via USB cable and wirelessly with the included 5.8G USB receiver dongle plugged into the PC. It inherits the all special characteristics of its close sibling the M Mouse, but with new improved ergonomics.

The Level 10 M Hybrid gaming mouse with a suggested price of USD109.99. For more information on the Level 10 M Hybrid gaming mouse, please visit:

VENTUS Gaming Mouse

The VENTUS ambidextrous laser gaming mouse is designed specially to fulfill the needs of both left handed and right handed gamers, this gaming weapon is the ultimate tool to enhance your gaming skills and place you at a perfect winning position.


The VENTUS gaming mouse with a suggested price of USD49.99. For more information on the VENTUS gaming mouse, please visit:

VENTUS X Gaming Mouse

The VENTUS X also brings about a new ergonomically tuned right handed laser gaming mouse to the VENTUS family, that will appeal to gamers who are fans of some classic legacy styled mouse shapes and brings the new tech to them. 

The VENTUS X gaming mouse with a suggested price of USD49.99. For more information on the VENTUS X gaming mouse, please visit:

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